Who is Lise?

Photograph of Lise

I’m a Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia, currently entering my fourth (though not necessarily final) year. Aside from my own courses, I’ll be a TA for CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithms this year.

Previously, I was working at A Thinking Ape Entertainment as a Software Development Engineer Intern on the Kingdoms of Heckfire team, doing game client optimization as well as end-to-end feature development.

My interests are broad – I really enjoy having to work within constraints and producing optimally performant and robust software with minimal resources. Specific areas of interest include distributed and scalable systems, systems-level software. I particularly enjoy getting to apply the scientific method to my work, testing and verifying assumptions as I go along in order to be certain of producing the best result.

More casually, I enjoy learning about behavioral economics and game theory and finding ways to apply them on an individual scale. Basically I just sometimes really wish that I, too, were a computer that could be optimized.

In my spare time, I take photos and pick up heavy things.

Contact? You can write to me at .